Dating foreign women online. Filipino vs. Russian, Chinese or Thai

The Filipino woman shows the most promise according to my research.

So you have made a decision to explore dating foreign women online. Have you decided which of the many different foreign women you would like to date? For some men this is a tough decision. For me this was easy. I chose the Filipino women. Mainly because I have always been attracted to Asian women but of course I did some research and even chatted with Russian and Chinese women.

After a month or so of doing the research there was no question that the Philippines would be where I was most likely to find the woman I would marry.

The main reason why is the fact I have always been a person that believes that communication is the keystone of any good relationship. Most all divorces, break ups or separations have been due to a breakdown in communication. It really does not matter who was at fault but someone along the line decided that communicating was not working or that it was an important part of the relationship. Sometimes one party will decide they want out and just stop communicating all together just to make the end come faster. No matter what the situation. It does not diminish the importance of communication in any successful relationship.

So I had to ask myself the question. If I am going to have a foreign mate then where in the world am I going to find somebody that speaks and understands good English? The short answer was the Philippines. As I was doing my research I experimented by trying to communicate with a few Chinese women and then a few Russian women along with some Filipinas.

Hands down the Filipinas had the best English communication skills. I will never say they speak and understand perfect English but I can say it was a far cry from the Chinese or Russian women. If you have ever chatted or received an email from any foreign and you can plainly recognize that they used an online translator to translate their language into English it was probably very obvious. Now ask yourself the question of how are you really going to communicate with this person and have a fruitful relationship. To me it just did not add up.

I did find that in the Philippines the students are taught English starting in grade one and is a requirement up until they are finished with college. Of course you will find that most people with less than a college education have forgotten a lot of their English over the years so I do recommend dating someone that is at least college educated. However you will also find that Filipinas who have never had to use their English skills will also forget quite a bit if they do not use it also.

This was really not the case with my wife though. She had dropped out of college when she was 18 to go to Japan and be a dancer. Even after learning Japanese and speaking Filipino to most of her friends in Japan for over 15 years she still retained her English skills very well. You may find this as funny as I do but my wifes sister is a high school English teacher here and my wife speaks better English than her sister. Albeit there is not a major difference but when I have had conversations with her sister my wife has had to help her with pronunciation and grammar more than once or twice.

Do yourself a favor and consider this first. I am not going to say that you will not find a well educated Russian or Chinese or any other foreign girl that’s has good English skills but the facts are they are much fewer a farther between. You will increase you odds and lessen the time of search if you choose a Filipina. Assuming you are attracted to Asian women in the first place.

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