Members only page

Here we are making available to members who are using other asian dating sites who wish to be members and have the support of our team working for you and helping you keep away from scamers and get through some of the diffaculties that come along when having a cross cultural relationship.

We are offering three different levels of membership and what is included with each level is listed below.

Level 1   ($40.00 per month) discounted with 3 month sign up

1. Full access via email to me and my wife. I answer any questions you have about your girl and give advice on how to deal with the cultural differences. You are guaranteed two emails per week answering all questions you have.

2. You get a free copy of my e-book listing known scamer tactics and how to test girls and let you know when to move on.

3. One call per week to your girl from my wife to check up and see how things are going and help with any issues she may have.

Level 2  ($60.00 per month) 3 month discount

1. Everything in level 1

2. Access to our data base of Filipina actresses and models. This will be a great tool for members to use. Once the data base is established it will be updated and researched once a week to add new models and actresses that we find in our research. The data base will start with the top 50 models and actresses and built from there. These womens pictures are the most widely used by scamers.

3. Priority access to our team and our phone number and/or skype address to have more personal access to our team. This service has become most popular and we are finding that as it grows we will have to limit access to our team per customer.

4. Guaranteed access that provides one email per day and or phone conversation via Skype

Level 3. $110.00 per month ( 3 month discount) All above included

This level is limited to men who have Filipina women local to Iloilo. We have been asked many times to handle and control the monies men are sending their girls and to be honest doing this has actually ended up costing us money out of our own pocket so we have had to change this service. Although I dont recommend men to be sending money until they have met their girl, many still do. Probably because we have virtually eliminated the possibility of our girls being scamers. Im not really sure.

This service will include as many transfers per month you like (you paytransfer fees). We automatically send your our paypal reciept of your money which gives you your balance after fees. We then distribute your money as you see fit. We provide current exchange rates along with true costs of anything you are sending the money to pay. For example we recieve money from many customers who provide their girls money to use the internet cafe more often so they can keep in better touch and get to know them better in a shorter time frame.

What we do is recieve the money and distribute to them on a weekly basis which keeps the girl from using the money for other things and guarantees she will be able to get to the internet cafe more often. We also have recieved money from a few customers to pay utility bills for their girls. We verified the amount of the bill and actually went and paid the bills ourself then provided a copy of the reciept to the customer.

Note: We are still building the data base of models and actresses and redesigning the site so I have not put in the pay buttons for these services yet. If you are interested in signing up for these services contact us and we will work with you and get you all you need.