Join My Filipino Bride and jump start your journey to a great life with your own Filipina Bride

In my personal experience finding and marrying my wife I have devised a plan to ensure any man that we will save you time, effort and above all MONEY. I can honestly tell you if I had a service like this I would have saved thousands of dollars.

1. Join us here at My Filipino Bride for $350.00 USD.

 Our introduction service includes the contact information for all the women on this site and we also take your profile out and find women that fit at least 80% of your preferred criteria. Once we recieve you profile data our staff takes your profile and preference criteria and finds any number of women that are interested in you and we present these women to you and their contact information.  Experience has shown me that most men have trouble managing more than 3 or 4 women of mutual interest at one time but of course this is up to you. I am sorry we do not offer the discounted 1 month service any more. It was not cost effective for us to offer with the work involved in finding girls of mutual interest for our clients. However the guarantee still stands we will find girls interested in you and provide you contact information on as many as you need to find your Filipino bride.

We have moved the Pay Pal button for this service to the Premium Member Signup page so men signing up for this service will get all the benefits of the full membership. It is listed as Platinum membership and access to all other member pages are automatic. 


 2.  Reduced membership after 3 months Or Membership for men dating women from other sites.

If for some reason you have not found that someone special after 3 months of membership. You have the option of continuing your membership for a substantial discount. I doubt most men will need this because most we have delt with are very well educated by 3 months time and you will still have access to the advice that I give others that gets published and I will stiil be more than happy to answer emails. However continuing members will have priority and it may take longer for a response. This is only available to members who have been through the first 3 month membership.

This service is available to men who have women they are dating from other sites.

 I am dedicated to reducing the number of men who get scammed and I wanted to offer a low cost service that will help these men. Just subscribe with the link below and you will have access to all my knowledge and help regarding the possibility of getting scammed. I answer all emails within 24hrs and you will have access to our new forum where I answer all questions and every member will be able to learn from the rest of the members experiences.

3. Personal Care Package.

 We also offer a personal care package that will insure you are well taken care of while you are on vacation here. The fee is $400 USD for the first 3 days. This includes pick up service from the airport with our car. setting up the meetings with up to 10 women. Three days of a personal tour of Iloilo and the surrounding beach resorts and any sites you would like to see. We have a long list. If you would like to extend this care package the fee is $100 USD per day. This also includes use of a cell phone with a 500 peso load to communicate with your ladies with.

Package options

Some customers may opt out of this service since you will be communicating with these women long before you come to the Philippines and that is up to you. I don’t recommend it for the simple fact that it may take most of the first week you arrive to finally meet all the women you are interested in. Also this service provides a lot more than just getting the women together for you. The personal attention you get from this will make your stay much more fun. I am sure that your girl will be able to help you with local customs and where not to go etc. What they cant give you is a westerners view because they are accustomed to everything here and have not much of an idea of what we westerners are used to. I guarantee that if you do not use this service you will wish you had by the end of your stay.

4. Travel arrangements.

 We can and will upon request. Take care of all your travel arrangements. Book your hotel according to your tastes and budget. There will only be a small fee for this and will depend upon your desires. Email me with your requirements and I can send you a price. Ususlly not more than $50 USD  

5. Personal Insurance.

 We also offer a sort of insurance policy that I or one of our staff will be on call 24hrs a day while you are here to help deal with any problem that may arise. I seriously doubt that there will be any problems and that is why we did not include this with any of the other fees however some customers will feel safer if they know they will have someone on call just in case. The fee for this is $200 USD a week. There will be a contract that explains emergency and non emergency services that you can read before you pay for this service. This just explains the difference between the two because there are a number of non emergency items that are included.

6.  Introduction service ONLY

This is a new addition to our services. After learning more about the women here and wanting to provide more options to our customers I decided to add this. This service includes you and I spending the whole day (8hrs) going to places I know there are single women that are of good character. The way this works is you, me and my wife Abby go to these places and you just point out girls youe are interested in. My wife takes it from there and goes and talks to these women to see if they are available and interested. If so then we introduce them to you and you exchange #s so you can start the courting process.  This package is tailored to what ever you desire and you pay me by the day. I have a set price per day and once you are happy with your selection of women then I can offer some of our less expensive services to lessen your total cost. My fee for this service is $225.00 USD per day and you pay me upon arrival. Spaces for this service are limited so if you plan to use this service make a reservation for the dates you have planned for your trip. Plan on at least 3 days for your introductions. Three days should be plenty of time to meet at least 30-50 women of your liking, depending on the strictness of your criteria of course. Email me at for reservations. Thanks