Dating Filipino women online

Here are some things you want to look out for and do your best to avoid if at all possible. You usually wont find these things to be related to the women of this site but many of you are on a few or more of the regular dating sites out there and it will apply to all of them. There is also much more information that I provide to members only. Not just to capatalise on the wealth of information I have but to conciel that info from potential scammers that may visit this site. I do not want to educate them on how to scam better.

Beware of any woman that tells you they love you. Especially if you really haven’t had enough time to get to know her. This seems like common sense but its difficult to keep your eye on the ball when you are spending a lot of time with a beautiful woman. If they do say it. Tell them something to the effect of its to early for that. Let them know they are important to you but DO NOT say it back. Doing that will more or less lead them on. They will believe you and expect you to be exclusive to them. It is best to be honest and let them know that you are getting to know a number of women. They may be a little stand offish but it will be the best in the long run. If they really do have feelings for you then they will still make efforts to progress the relationship.

Do not send any woman you are just getting to know money. Once you do you will feel obligated the next time she asks. A lot of women associated with the majority of the dating sites out there are looking to get money from foreign men. Most of these women will have multiples of profiles or use pictures of models or Philippine actresses to lure you in. Some of them are actually men that know some foreigners are easy prey for this. I have to admit I fell for this. I really cared for this girl and I did ask for evidence that she was using the money for what she said. However there were some things that I just had a gut feeling about. I couldn’t prove anything so I kept in contact. After I made my decision to stay with Abby I later found out that this other woman was telling me the prices of what she was buying were a lot higher that the actual price of the item she needed. She was taking advantage of my ignorance of prices here.

Make sure you can get to see her in a web cam. There is not a better way to prove she is using recent pictures on her profile than to see her in a cam. You don’t have to worry about that with the women of this site however I do still seggust that you see each other in a cam. Mainly because its a more personal experience and you will get to know each other better and probably faster.

I found that its best to not use the chat services of the dating sites. They are usually slower and not as efficient as the Yahoo messenger I used. Plus most all the women here in the Philippines have a yahoo email address and are used to using it.They also have a cell phone that you will be able to send SMS messages to them for free and be able to contact her where ever she is and not have to wait for her to get online all of the time. It will be much easier for you to sign up for a Yahoo email and I found that its a good idea to keep your dating email separate from your main email address. Using yahoo you can also call another yahoo messenger user for free.   

Try to speak slowly when you do talk to these women. They do have good English skills but when you talk fast they will loose some words in the conversation and the one word they don’t understand may be the one that gives the statement its meaning. They may think they understand but will not sometimes. My wife speaks and understands English very well but there are times that she does not understand me and I usually find it out the hard way when she does something the opposite of what I asked her. Here in the Philippines they are taught English starting in grade school but they also learn Tagalog and the local language too. English is actually third on the list and the last one they speak on a regular basis. I find its all good when I just speak a little slower and sometimes double check if she understands and we don’t have any problems.

Try to keep these things in the back of your mind and your experience will be mush better.