Name  Beevee Ferraren  Age 49 yrs old DOB  July 7 1960 
City___Makati City_________________ Age preference _45____yrs-__58___ yrs  
Will consider any age? Y 
Height____5 ft 1 in Weight_____123 lbs  Eye color___brown
Hair color_black    Rate your English from 1-5.   With 5 being best____4___
Education__BSBA major in  Accounting Profession/Job_real estate___
Partner preferences
Height _5_ft __8___in   Weight___160 lbs – ___180lbs
My partner can have children Y    
 Have children ? Y  If yes how many and what age____one son 27 years old__
Rank your priorities in a relationship from 1 to 3. 1 being very important
Common hobbies              1.
Sex                                 1                                
Trust/Honesty                  1.                              
Common friends                3
Family 1..
Rank your priorities in life from 1 to 3.   1 being the highest
Sports             3..                        Dancing, Movies, Etc       2.
Friends          3.                         Traveling                         1
Sex                 2.                       New experiences           2.