Meeting my own Filipino bride and the main reason we created this introduction service.

This is how I was lucky enough to find my Filipino bride, Abby. Our story seems like almost a fairy tale compared to a lot of the horror stories I have heard from other men who have taken the option of online dating of foreign women. I do consider myself to be very lucky and is what has led to the creation of this site.

I had my profile on 3 different sites in the USA before I tried the Asian site I found my wife on. What scared me most when I signed onto that site was the first email the site sent me said that beware of the women on this site. Over 90% of them are scammers or spammers just looking to either get you to send money or collect your email for future spam. Not very encouraging to say the least.

When I first signed on to that site I spent 3 hours looking thru the photo gallery clicking on women I was attracted to. By the time 3 hours had past I had over 300 women that I had sent an “im interested in you” click. That was when I realized that I would never be able to get to know all these women on a personal level so I devised a few rules to eliminate the vast majority of them. A couple of days later I was down to less than 50.
I regularly chatted with about a dozen women for about 3 weeks before Abby sent me a message asking if we could be friends. I said of course and after that the time I spent chatting with other women went down. I ended up with two that I was in contact on a regular basis and I was getting to know Abby well along with the one other girl. One day Abby asked me if a certain girl was in my contact list. The girl was and Abby tells me that this picture was a Philippine actress. Abby proceeded to send more profiles of women that were in my contact list and then showed me that they had multiples of profiles on that site. Some of these women I had actually talked to.

Abby was living in Japan at the time so I planned a vacation and went to visit for almost 2 weeks. Of course the trip was mainly to prove to myself that she was who she said she was. Even though I did see her on a webcam on a daily basis. Meeting face to face is when you truly realize that you actually have gotten to know her well over the net.
Of course we fell in love and the next visit I made to the Philippines was when we got married. After I went back home to the states I took care of the business loose ends and packed up my tools and we now live here in Iloilo City and we just had our first child. A bouncing baby boy.

After living here for over a year now. I realized that living here puts me in a unique position to be able to help any serious man looking for a sincere Filipina woman. I could easily make the whole dating and meeting experience a lot easier and quicker with the knowledge I have gained. Being able to see and meet all of these women that you will encounter on this site insures that this experience will be the best it can be with no major bumps along the way.

Good luck to you all on this adventure.