Mens qualifications for  Everyone should read

Yes it may be hard to believe but as we want to make sure you are happy with the women we choose we also want to make sure you are qualified to a certain extent too. Don’t worry its not even close to as rigorous as the women.

1. We prefer that if you have domestic violence issues that you go somewhere else. These women deserve a mate who is not going to take them for granted and love them the way they deserve. Alcohol or drug abuse will also disqualify you along with any felonies you have in your public record. We check this by requiring all men who sign up to give the residencies they lived at for the past 5 years.

2. As sorry as I am to say this if you don’t make at least $20-$25000.00 US per year than you will never be able to get your wife back to the states. The US government has strict guidelines on this. The only exception to this rule is if you have somebody that will agree to support her if for some reason you cant then that is an option for the US customers. Other countries have different requirements that may be more or less strict. You should really check on this before you decide to take on this endeavor. Unless of course you fit somewhere in the middle class already then you should be fine.

3. If you are of the belief that the Filipina woman is sub servant and will be a docile wife you are in the wrong place. Although Philippine women are very family oriented and will do most anything for their man they do have their limits as all women do. Do not confuse this with being docile in any way. I will say that they do not have a desire for public confrontation. However sooner or later they will let you know what is on their mind.

That’s pretty much it. The only other word of advice I can give is to be patient with these girls. They understand most English but really have no clue on up to date slang. They often will think they understand you when they don’t. The really funny thing I have learned since living here is that sometimes they have to work to understand each other.