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My scammer story comes to the end and the truth

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Today I find the truth and that I did fall victim to an Asian dating site scammer

 In my research into starting my own site I signed onto about a half dozen Asian dating sites. Just to check out the competition. As I have stated in many of the pages and posts the main reason I wanted to start a site was due to the fact that there are so many scammers out there. The scammers surely out number the true and honest people by an easy ten to one. This is pathetic and the worst thing about it is that none of the main stream sites out there can do anything about it, except when reported, delete these women from the site. The only problem is they have multiples of profiles on the same site and they just continue on with the profiles that haven’t been deleted. These scammers are difficult to stop to put it lightly.
Even I realize that even though we meet and interview all women associated with our site. I cant guarantee that there will be no scammers. I can guarantee they will not have more than one profile and if reported they could face criminal charges so the allure of the scam will be much less on our site.
The reason I am writing this today is because as anyone who has read through the scammer pages of this site or seen my articles on the web will know that I felt like I fell victim to one of these scammers. I could never actually prove she was scamming me and luckily I chose someone else before I lost too much money on this girl and like I said there really was no proof. Well today I found it.
After signing on to another site this morning I started looking through the profiles of the women and guess who I saw. It was her using the same pictures she used on the other site I was on over 3 years ago and her profile said she was two years younger than she said she was on the other site 3 years earlier. Then what I did was keep looking through the profiles on this site and sure enough I found her again with another profile saying she was from a different city and a different age. Now I have found the proof I needed to show that I was taken by a scammer LOL
It really wasn’t that funny because this girl was so good that I actually thought I hurt her when I chose the woman that would eventually be my wife over her and I felt bad for it for awhile. I did know in the back of my mind at the time that the possibility was good she was a scammer so my bad feelings did not last too long but still I did feel bad for what to me seemed like I might have led her on and then hurt her in the end. Troubling huh.
I could easily name the two sites I found this girls profile on but what would be NO use to you. I could even report her and get her kicked off the site I found her on today but that wouldn’t do any good either. She is most likely is on almost every site with multiples of profiles and using many different pictures of different people. These main stream Asian dating sites really have no way of controlling the scammers on their sites. My question is. Do they really want to? If it is a fact that 90% of the profiles are scammers and I do believe it is. Finding a way to eliminate them would only destroy their large data base that draws in the large customer base. This seems like bad business to me.
Later I will have an e-book that will be free to registered users of this site or for sale to anybody who chooses not to use our service. This book explains all the scams I have been able to find on the net and how to avoid them.

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