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Getting Married in the Philippines

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Getting Married in the Philippines

After find your Filipino bride through what ever means you have.  The next step will be your wedding of course. You obviously have 2 choices when it comes to where you will get married. Your home country or here in the Philippines. In my opinion the place to have your wedding is here in the Philippines. This is for several reasons. The first being you will spend much less and have a much bigger wedding than you might be able to afford in your home country. You can always have another wedding reception when you arrive back home. You will also have a chance to get to know your new extended family and see just how big it is. Most families from the Philippines are quite large. For example my wife has well over 100 first cousins. Her immediate family was the only sibling of her 10 aunts and uncles on both sides of her family(mothers and fathers side) to have less than 10 children each. She has only one sister and thats it. Of course they all did not attend our reception as alot of them still live far away in a province but there was aproximately 60 people there.

Next you will pick your church or you can do the simple thing many choose and just go to the city hall and have the justice of the peace marry you. If you choose a church it will of course depend on her religion. Even though the population is majority Catholic there is just about every other kind of church you can imagine.

You will also find the atire somewaht optional. Although the bride will wear the traditional wedding gown the groom usually but not a;lways wears the Filipino barong. Which is a wedding style dress shirt with slacks. You can see a barong when I get some of our wedding pictures posted to the site.

Lastly you should know that there is NO divorce in the philippines. The only form of a brak of a marriage is an annulment of which is very expensive to the Filipinos. Not so much in western terms because it amounts to about $4000 USD. Actually alot less than any divorce I know of in the US. I highly doubt anybody associated with our service will need that but I am here to inform you the best I can. Another stastic you should be aware of is that 95% of all separations or annulments are found that the woman was not at fault. Of course there are some cases but not many.

As always if you have questions you can visit the FAQ, our service or contact us pages of the site.

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