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Hi all

Sorry I haven’t been able to get to this sooner. However these are the changes we are making at I will explain the reasons for these changes as we go here.

1. We will NOT accept any women to this site that are not local to Iloilo. The reason being I cant meet them in person or meet family or friends of these girls. I have been helping customers that had found girls on other sites and giving them advice and recommendations to make sure they are not getting scammed. After 2 months of working with one man and me believing that his girl was on the level. We found out today that she had been scamming him. The good thing is he did not waste much money to find this out. But that don’t change the hurt in his heart right now. The best way I feel to avoid such circumstances for our site in the future is to be very strict on this rule. No Exceptions.

2. We will no longer do “match making” meaning we will provide info for all the girls on our site to members and guide them with any information they need. Do personal checks on the girls etc. All included in the membership. Pricing can be found on the membership page. The reason for this change is although the quality of the women on this site is high and I have personally met all of them. They are honest and interested but have trouble getting us the required information for match making. We will provide all contact information on any girls plus look for girls that fit your specific desires. Giving you and all other members that are interested access to their contact information. Just make a request and I will have the info the next day.

3. We will offer a personal introduction service for those who want to visit and have me personally introduce you to women that are friends of ours or relatives of friends etc. There are hundreds of these that I can introduce you to in a matter of days being able to almost guarantee the integrity of these girls since we know their friends and family. Pricing will be found in the introduction service page.

4. Those men that become members will have the same option for the care package we offer. The introduction service alone is much more expensive due to the fact I will literally spend every day with you until we find at least a five or so women that you want to get to know. After that I will be available for any thing you need to help you in getting to know these women and the pricing will fallow the care package prices.

Please bear with me while I make the changes to the site. It may take a few days. I expect to have it finished by the end of next week. Feel free to send all inquiries to Just as many of you have.

Thanks for your patience and good luck in this adventure


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