These are just some of the scams I personally know about. Two came from friends of mine

1. Worst case scenario.

The worst case I have ever known about is a friend I met here from the US. We will call him Frank. Who met his bride to be when he was living in Hawaii. He was ex military and she a top in her class lawyer educated here in the Philippines. They met and fell in love so to speak and were married in Hawaii.

After a couple of years had passed and they had made a few trips back to the Philippines. There were things that just didn’t seem right to Frank. There were issues with the bank accounts and she just did not seem to be the same person Frank married. After doing some research with the help of the American military Frank finds out the woman he married already has a Filipino husband. Making Franks marriage to her illegal and null and void. At this point it really didn’t bother Frank because the relationship was already on the outs but the investigation turned up some very interesting illegal things Franks lovely ex was doing.

It turns out she had used Franks ID#s to get into the VA (Veterans Administration) and was not only stealing Franks money but a lot more money from the VA. Frank did not find this out until a someone involved in the investigation asked him about an account in his name at one of the local banks. Frank had no idea this account even existed. She had opened it in his name and been using it to funnel the money she stole from the VA through. Frank plainly said “that is not my money” left it at that and let the investigation proceed. Actually a very small part was Franks money he but did not know it at the time and he is still trying to get it back.

There were many times Frank would be visited in the future by officers from the VA and various departments of the US government over the years. Mainly due to the fact that they still have never found this women after 11 years have passed. The bank account in question still exists to the best of Franks knowledge with the money in it exceeding 10 million USD

Frank believes his case was one of the major turning points in immigration from the Philippines to the US due to the fact that during this time before they found out she was already married to a Filipino, this woman was able to become an American citizen. Many rules changed after this case came to light and the investigation is still ongoing. Banking officials lost their jobs and the bank in question had to change its name because of the major stain this case brought upon the reputation of the bank.

I still talk to Frank and the more he tells me the deeper this case goes. They believe that because she had ties to some of the richest clans in the southern part of the country. She was funneling money and arms to the rebel groups connected to these clans.

Scary huh? To think these two people met in a bar in Hawaii.


2. The cleaner

The reason I call this type of scammer the cleaner is because you don’t know you have been scammed until they have cleaned you out.

This has been one of the types of scams that I have read about the most. It doesn’t happen to often any more because most of the women that have perpetuated these acts have been arrested and incarcerated. This does have the affect of a good deterrent. Some websites also offer access to a list of women who have been caught served their time and released.

I will keep this one short because there are plenty like it all over the web.

Joe meets Jane on and spend a few months chatting. Jane and Joe “fall in love”. Joe sends Jane a few bucks here and there just to help her out before he makes his visit to possibly marry her. Joe eventually flies to the Philippines and him and Jane are married. Joe then starts to make plans on coming to the Philippines to retire and live. While he’s here on the first visit he sets up an account in his and his wife’s name so he can send her money for anything she needs or the new house they may be building. Seems all good right?

Joe goes back home to his country and starts tying up any loose ends with his retirement and such and makes his return trip a few months later ready to start his new life in the Philippines. After he gets here he sets up a few separate accounts with his retirement money and feels he is in a good position for a comfortable retirement.

One day not long after. Jane tells Joe that it would be best if he put her on all these other accounts he has for some reason or another. What if something happened to Joe? Or something to that effect.

Joe sees the sense in the argument and puts Jane on all of his accounts. Within days Jane has disappeared and taken all of Joes money with her. This simplifies the stories quite a bit but it’s the basics of the scam.


3.The Bleeder Scam

This scam is one of the hardest to stay away from if you allow yourself to “fall in love” online. Its really easy to over look the red flags if you let that happen.

The way these women (or men) operate is they get talking to you on the IM service. They may even talk to you over the phone. If they are women. They will chat or talk for some length of time until they think you may have feelings for them. Of which quite a few of us fall for. This seems to be the most prevalent scam working these days. They cant really track or arrest these people so they get away with it every time.

Once they think you have feelings for them they will concoct a simple story without even asking for money to see if you will offer. This is them testing the waters so to speak. Then if you don’t offer they will find a way to outright ask you for some money for this story. If you do not agree to send them money they will either move on to the next victim or depending on their scamming experience, stick it out and build some trust before they ask again. These are the ones who get the most victims.

This was the one I fell for. To be honest she was so good I still have no proof to this day that she was a total scammer. However there were plenty of red flags that I ignored because she was one of the girls I talked to the longest and I have to admit I had some feelings for her. When I finally broke it off with her she left me a few messages after that and she seemed pretty hurt. Either she was that good at her scam or maybe sincere but had lied about a few things. We will never know.


4. Just get me to the States

This scam works a couple of different ways. The first being. You go thru all of your online dating experience. Find this person you fall in love with and get her back to the states. After being in the states for a year or so she will ask to bring her brother or cousin out for a visit. This brother or cousin turns out to actually be her previous husband. If she waits long enough to get her permanent residency then they cant deport her even if her marriage to you was illegal and a lie. I have found stories online of Russian brides that get to the states and torment a guy until he abuses her or even fakes the abuse on herself. Trying to take advantage of a loophole that gets these abused women on the fast track to permanant residency status.

This one takes a lot of patience on the part of the woman and is not as prevalent as it used to be. Mainly due to the first scam we described changing the immigration requirements for fiancés and newlyweds alike. Its much harder now to get married if you are already married here in the Philippines.

The second scenario of this scam starts out the same as above but the woman will wait out the time frame required by the US government before she just hits you with divorce papers and does her best to take half of everything you got. This doesn’t happen to often anymore because they changed the time requirements that you have to be married before it would be considered a legitimate divorce. I’m pretty sure its 2 years.

Some men are scammers tooI wanted to add this just to show that the women who take on internet dating of foreign men have been fooled by the men they were dating. A friend of mine back home in the states has a coworker that was interested in Russian women. When my I told my friend about what I was doing with some Filipina girls he told me the story of his coworker.

This guy had a good job working at Alcoa with my buddy. Making in the neighborhood of 25-35000 USD a year. He found himself a Russian girl he was interested in and went to see her in Russia. He bought his very first suit to make a good impression. Mainly because he had to because he was lying about his lifestyle the whole time.

He was telling these girls that he owned a 3 bedroom house on a large piece of land in Michigan when in fact he only owned a small trailer in a trailer park. He did have the good job going for him but he had blown all his savings going to Russia and living extravagantly while he was there to keep the façade up. Then paying for the girls to come to the states and marry him.

The last I heard he was able to do this twice. The first time when the girl saw he was lying she had her family wire her money from Russia and she was on a plane within a week. Back to Russia she went. This guy was obviously not smart enough to learn his lesson.

The second time the girl must have really had her heart broken when she found out he lied about everything. She sat on his front porch in the freezing cold weather refusing to go inside his trailer and cried for three straight days until she eventually convinced him to buy her a ticket back to Russia. Its been awhile since I talked to my buddy but that was the last he told me.

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