Online Scammers and Mental Cases.

Here I would like to discuss the scammers and mental cases you are all sure to encounter with the main stream dating sites. The fact is that these people exist not only on line but are all around you every day. The difference between each and every one of them is they vary in the decietfullness of the scams and also vary in degree of mental problems. In reality we all have some degree of mental disorder. Some more that others.

When talking in the context of the Filipino women there are a number of things to consider as to the reasons why these women are the way they are. The young girl is substandard in Philippine culture. The boy child in the family is always #1. I have read many times from different sources that if there is one peanut to eat for the whole family the oldest boy gets both pieces. This is just the way it is here. Being an American as I am it does not surprise me at all that a majority of these women will have self worth and father figure issues. In doing my research I have learned that many poor provincial families will sell their young girls to promoters of the go-go bars in Manila at a young age. These girls are then forced into the life of the bar girl and come to feel that the bar is their only family. These girls are taught a very young age how to please foreigners and they get very proficient at it. However when it comes to having a relationship with these women they do not know how to react. You can take the girl out of the bar but you cant take the bar out of the girl is so true its disturbing. An overwhelming majority of relationships that develop from this situation fail for this reason. This is why I do not recommend starting any kind of serious relationship with a bar girl. I hate saying that because its not fair to these girls who really do want true love in their life but in the interest of finding good women the bar is no place to start. Not even in America.  

When it comes to being decietful here it is a well accepted triat amung Filipinos. Men and women. I do not believe that its because they are all liars but more of a symptom of the nonconfrontational culture. Meaning they will tell you what they think you want to hear to avoid public confrontation. I have met many people like that in the US also but there is more of a reason to think these Americans are intentionally lying to gain something. This is usually not the case with the Filipinos. They simply want you or others to be happy even if they are just keeping you happy for the moment.

So now the question Im sure alot of men will be asking. How do you identify these women as quick as possible and move on? There is no simple answer to this question and I will go more in depth with this in an e-book I am about half way finished with.

 The scammers will be alot easier to identify than the women with mental issues so we will start with them. If a woman ever tells you they love you within the first few days this is a big red flag. Even if she say it within the first few weeks you should ask yourself how much have you really let her get to know you. If there are things you wont tell somebody that you don’t fully trust (we all have these things) and you haven’t told her then does she really know you well enough to love you? The most prevailing scam is where they have some crisis that they really need some money to get thru it. Don’t give in to this. It will only snowball from there. Many women may be being honest when they tell you these things but any decent girl will understand that you wont send money to someone you just met. This really only touches the surface of how to deal with scammers.

The mental cases are quite a bit tougher. I remember a story of an American that wrote me about this site and he appreciated the honest approach. He seems like a decent American guy just looking for love. He tells his story in an e-book he has and I do suggest reading it. He offers it at a very low price right now. $5 USD. I would get it before he realizes what its true worth is and raises the price. You can get it here. His story is quite dramatic and he was convinced his ex was a scammer just trying to get a green card. I wasn’t totally convinced of the scam but I definitely agreed she was a hard mental case that needed some professional help. They obviously ended up divorced and he wants to help men who are possibly seeking a Filipino bride.

The scam he thought she was pulling is actually typical of Russian women that fallow this method to a tee. What they do is act nice as pie until they get to the States and marry you. Then Mrs. Hyde steps out and they do anything and everything to get you to abuse them which puts them on the fast track for permanant resident status. It seems quite common with some Russian women. You can find more of these stories here.