Dating Filipino women online and avoiding the scammers
One of the most difficult things to avoid when dating most any foreign women are the scammers.

This is also true with the Philippines. Maybe even one of the worst. Considering the jobless rate and the fact that they can make a rather good income from scamming foreign men. Also there is the fact that the Philippines attracts the majority of foreign men for a variety of reasons. Meaning its a large market.

The way the most prevalent scam works today is these people have at least 10 and possibly 20 different profiles on the more popular dating sites. Therefore increasing the odds that you will contact many of these before you find an honest true woman that’s looking for the same thing you are. True love.
When you encounter these women (or men) they will do their best to make you make the biggest mistake of online dating(in my opinion) by falling in love online. They use pictures of Filipino actresses or models to get you interested first. Some will use old pictures of when they were young and beautiful for this also. Once they are sure you are interested it actually seems easy as they use the natural Filipino charm that lures an unsuspecting foreign man to thinking they are in love. There are some that will use a jealousy tactic and tell you that they really don’t think you are interested in them leaving you with a belief that you need to do more to show true interest. I met many of those when I was going through my experience. After some time passes. Maybe a month, sometimes less there will be something that happens to her that gets her in a predicament that she needs money to get her out of. For me, coming from a country where “shit happens” its very easy to understand this and you will feel for this girl and want to help her out. DONT DO IT. There are certain circumstances where helping someone you care about is acceptable and I will go over this at a later date.
The one that comes to my mind was one of the first girls I chatted with. She was very beautiful and actually said she was a model at one time. We chatted for almost a month when she had taken a trip to visit a sick relative and did not have the money to get back home. Sure I wanted to help but the fact of the matter was there was absolutely no proof she was even a girl! I never talked to her over the phone, never saw her in a web cam. These seem to be basic things you want to do before one might commit to any kind of a relationship that involves trust or money. Of course I did not help her and the more persistent she got just made me more weary of her. After that I think I may have chatted with her one more time. This was obviously a scam and she just moved on to the next potential victim.

Im sure some of you are thinking. “Well that was obvious”. The reality of it is its not and this had worked for her(or him) before and it does not matter to them because there will be another opportunity right around the corner.

Others will spend the necessary time assuring that you care for them and then bleed you for all they can get before you finally come to your senses and deny them and then they move on. These are even harder to avoid if you make the major mistake of falling in love online.

There are many other ways the scams have worked in the past but those are not so prevalent anymore mainly because alot of those women were caught and sent to prison cleaning out the bank accounts of an unsuspecting foreign man. Now the main scammers work as described above. The logic being why go for the big score and risk jail when they can bleed who ever they can and never get caught. at most they get kicked off a site and just use one of the many other profiles the have to keep the business going. Yes it is their business and they are good at it.