Visa assistance for all Americans, British, Canadians and Australians

We offer Visa assistance for those who do not use the service at a charge of $450 USD plus expenses. What this includes is our constant attention on the changing rules and requirements for the 4 countries listed above. Since I started my online dating adventure the Visa requirements for the USA have changed 3 times. Maybe more. Even though the changes may be slight it is in your interest that you keep up with them. The same goes for the U.K. and Australia.

We take care of all paperwork and requirements right along side your special ladyand any expenses involved such as flights to Manila are pre approved by you before we book any trips.

For more information visit your countries consulate website and all the information is available for free. Here are the links. USA Embassy,   U.K. Embassy,  Australian Embassy,  and Canadian Embassy all in Manila

We can also help any man wishing to come to the Philippines and retire or live. As I stated in one of my posts. I went through the process of obtaining my I Card here in one day. While we have friends who have been trying to obtain the same card for over 5 years and still do not have it. The charge for this service is $275 USD and covers our flight to Manila,  hotel and one days labor running you through the process. Our fee does not include the fees for processing or special service fees for the contacts we have that help us make this happen in 1 day. Of which is usually less that 2-3000 pesos. ( $40-$60 USD)

As always I am available to answer all questions regarding Visas to these 4 countries and the Philippines. You can visit the contact us page and email me any time.