I just wanted to put some of the experiences of our customers here. I have been asked many times about our customers and what they think of our service but since we are relatively new I wasnt comfortable asking for them yet. It has been a few months now and I have asked all of them since we have had the first 2 customers go through the whole process of traveling here and  meeting his girl in Iloilo. I thought I should post those here first. I look foreward to long friendships with these guys.

This one is from Ronin in Australia

When I found you, I was coming out of a bad divorce and just wanted to escape the whole ‘white woman” scene, 2 broken marriages and my fair share of “financial pain” I was ready to give up on relationships altogether. For years, my friends had told me the Philippines and Thailand where great places to look for decent girls who wanted a relationship with a white guy, It was something that I had been comtemlating for a while. Finally, after I split with the “EX” I started “googleing” and browsing the net, and found your site in a sea of “pretenders and scam dating sites”, I had my fair share of bad experiences let me tell you. After weeks of browsing your content and much  deliberation I finally emailed you and as you know, then joined your introduction service.  As you are aware, I have had great success and have met several really nice Filipina ladies (thanks to you and your wifes scouting efforts), and am now currently courting a 25 year old lovely, educated woman from “Iloilo”,  something I never thought was posisble, you finally helped me put it all togther, I owe you big time mate, thanks a million.
Next time I am In town, would love to see you again and catch up.

Your friend


Perth Australia.

This one is from Dave in Chicago, Illinois

Hey Chad,
how are you man?
just touching base after my trip over to the land of Filipina, I had a great time both with yourself and the ladies, just wanted to thanks you again for your help in putting it all togther dude, was just super exciting as I had never been to Asia before, and never been with an Asian woman LOL, thats all changed though..

I am coming back in April to see a few of the girls you introduced me to, one of them was super cute, and will probably date here is she’s keen, I have called her a few times and I think she’s pretty interested. I am trying to find a way to get 1 month off work, then I can spend some more time back over your way, can’t wait to get back. Your a lucky dog having a wife life that, say hello to her for me.

Talk soon

Dave, Chicago

This one is from Ronald from Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Hi Chad, I am happy to give you a testimony of your service. First I want to thank you for starting an honest site with an honest perspective. I have only been a member for almost 2 months and I am extremely happy with the service you provide. I have only paid to contact 3 women but have been shown 13 that are interested in me. I never expected such service. Thanks again for your dedication and advice. I will be keeping in touch as usual on the progress of the relationships I have started.  

 Ronald, Colorado Springs