We guarantee you at least 3 Filipino women that have mutual interest with you.

As much as I would love to be able to guarantee you a successful relationship or marriage. I cant do that. Those things only come with honesty and work with whom ever you are in a relationship with. Be it your wife or any friend or family member. Relationships take work to keep them great and productive.

When it comes to online dating of Filipino women I can offer the next best thing which will dramatically lessen the effort needed by you. Therefor increasing your chance of success dramatically also. The fact is that the scammers  seem to out number the honest and true women by at least 10 to 1. Its really not that bad however the scammers know how to lure men into the scam and and serious men are always the target.

Our guarantee is that when you pay for the online introduction part of our service we will find 3 Filipinas that fit your desired criteria, you are interested in and have a mutual interest in you. All women associated with our service are well educated, speak good english and have what is known here as NBI clearance. This is the same as an FBI background check in the US. Most have respectable jobs also. I will also personally or have one of my staff that has met these women in person.

What this does for you the customer is eliminate the need to try and contact 100 or more women on other sites. Sort through the ones that are interested and virtually eliminate the chance you will be the victim of a scam.

Once you do purchase the full service and contact the  women we provide. I am sure that there will be a couple or more that you loose interest in. At that point we will provide as many as it takes until you are happy with your options. I am also sure that some will be of more interest to you. My recommendation is to have about 2 that peak your interest. Then have the others that you still keep contact with just in case you find something you don’t like with ones at the top of your list.

I honestly believe that our service will not only provide you the best chance at a successful relationship but also save you time and money.  

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at MyFilipinoBride@yahoo.com with them.