Frequently Asked Questions about Filipino Bride Introductions

1. The first and foremost the question I get asked is. Why would I pay you $350 USD to contact 10 women when I can get on many sites for free and pay $30 to contact 300 women.

My answer is this. Ask yourself how you really expect to get to know 300 women and how much time and probably money are you willing to waste weeding thru them and finding out things like these women have multiple profiles? Are they really a woman? Are the pics she has in her profile recent or even hers? Are you really on these sites to have fun or find a serious partner? I wont say that it cannot be done on these sites. I did it. However I wasted a lot of time and some money on women that were less than truthful to say the least. Is this what you want to do or would you rather us do the majority of the hard work for you and I believe, save you money in the long run. If you ask yourself these questions and still feel that we are too expensive then you do not belong with our service and I will happily see you go elsewhere. I am willing to bet that after you find you have wasted time and money on other sites and dishonest women you will come back and feel what we offer is a bargain. I can also say there are no other sites that offer what we do. Yes there are introduction sites out there. However they expect you to pay 3 times our fee and never give you a chance to get to know the women before you commit to making a visit. Personally I would not be comfortable flying around the world and hope I can find love in a couple of weeks without some sort of communication first.

1. Is this a mail order bride service?

The short answer is NO. We provide a service that in no way guarantees a marriage. We will introduce you to women that fit your desired criteria who we have confirmed has an interest in you. We then will provide you with travel accommodations to meet these women after you have gotten to know them somewhat over the internet. We do feel we give you the best shot at a successful relationship however we can not guarantee that a marriage will happen.

2. Why pay such a fee when I can meet many more women on other sites for free?

What you originally pay us for is the guarantee of the identity and intentions of these Filipino women. We want you to have many options of women that are sincere and we can prove that they are who they say they are. A majority of dating sites out there neither have the ability to check on their members nor do they really care. We are here to help cut through all the bad apples online and make this experience an enjoyable one. Not stressful or at worst heartbreaking. These are all women that I or my staff have personally met and interviewed. We check their background and family history and this takes time and effort. Once you have chosen the women you wish to meet in person then the travel service we provide sets up all your meetings and provides you with a guide that insures you have the best time possible while you are here on your vacation.

3. Just what am I paying for?

What the initial fee covers is a guarantee that you will have 10 women that you are interested in that are interested in you. When we provide the first 10 of your choice the ones that appeal to you and then we give contact information for these women. We also contact these women our self to make them aware they will be contacted by you. As you go thru the first stages of getting to know these women if for any reason you don’t like one or more of these girls and wish to have others we will send how ever many it takes to get you to a point where you have 10 women that you like, who like you. This takes a lot of time and effort on our part and we will not be satisfied until you have the 10 to start getting to know. If you do wish to have more than 10 I do not recommend it. The reason I do not recommend this is because even 10 girls are hard to get to know on a personal level without getting them confused at some point. We keep track of the women on your list and as you eliminate some we will replace the ones you do not like with others of your choice. After the initial choice of 10 we will send up to 10 a month of your choosing. These will all be women that have shown an interest in you.

4. Why Iloilo and not other cities?

The main reason we try and stick to Iloilo is because I live here and me or a member of our staff personally meet every women that is affiliated with this site. Other reasons are that the capital city of Manila has a high crime rate and the women there are much more likely to have ulterior motives for a relationship with a foreigner. We also feel that the Visayas region has the most beautiful women here in the Philippines. A majority of the Filipina actresses are from this region and some are actually from Iloilo.

5. What separates us from other meeting services?

The personal service we provide is second to none. We are the only introduction service that I know of here in the Philippines that offers a chance to get to know the women before you commit to a visit here. We will always have a member of our staff that is at your beck and call while you are here if you choose. I will personally answer and questions for advice of any kind. Just send me an email and I will respond within 24hrs. We want this experience to be the best it can possibly be for you. Hopefully ending your dating experiences for good.

6. What if I don’t like my choices that are sent originally?

When we send the first 10 women of your choice. Once you have contacted them if for any reason you do not like them or they do not like you then simply choose one from the site to take her place in your list and we will send the contact information for her and inform her that she will be being contacted by you.

7. Can I fly directly to Iloilo?

Unfortunately the answer to this is no. When you arrive here in the Philippines we will have a member of our staff meet you at the airport in Manila. If your plane arrives in the morning you can get a connection flight to Iloilo on the same day. If you arrive late at night you will need to either spend the night in the airport or we will have our staff member guide you to a motel for the night. There are only 4 flights per day that go from Manila to Iloilo. For this we do not recommend Northwest airlines because there flights always arrive after the last flight to Iloilo has already gone. In recent checks I have found direct packages that will get you a connecting flight to Iloilo. If we do not do your booking then check this carefully.

8. Can I meet contacts I have made on other websites or forums?

Of course you can. We recommend it. Just give some information to your tour designer and we will make all the arrangements for your travel. One caution I would like you to know about is that when you go to meet these girls you will most likely not have access to our staff. If it is at all possible and we have people we know in the vicinity. We will contact them and hire them to guide you while you are there during your meeting. We do not have contacts all over the Philippines so this will be a hit or miss situation. We do recommend keeping your options open so there is a better chance for success of your trip.

9. Who makes the travel arrangements?

Our staff will make the travel arrangements upon request however that is not included in the travel package. We have travel agencies that we work with to get the best deals on high quality accommodations and that can be included in your package but will be on a case by case basis depending on your preferences. Just email us at with your preferences for a quote you can compare with your travel agency.

10. Who provides transportation when I am in the Philippines?

We do provide transportation to and from the airport when you arrive. Myself or one of our staff will personally pick you up in our car or a taxi. Take you to your hotel and introduce you to your guide for the first few days or more if you prefer.

There are a few options open to you for transportation. We do not recommend the local mass transportation vehicles they call jeepneys here. Its more like an open buss. They are dusty and do not have A/C. They are slow getting to your destination and sometimes have pickpockets on them. I have ridden on many and never had a problem but I never liked the ride. What we do recommend is taking a taxi. The fares are rather inexpensive as long as you make sure the driver uses the meter. Most drivers are honest and upfront here in Iloilo. Not the case when you take a taxi in Manila. You should be able to go anywhere in Iloilo City for less than 150 pesos. Which is about $3 US. We do have staff with cars that you can rent for a day however the taxi is most economical in this situation.

11. What is my guide there for?

Your guide will be myself or a local Filipino that knows the area and will be there to arrange your introductions with these women and advise you on anything you may need information on. For example if you go shopping at any of the local markets when the vendors see you are a foreigner the price for the goods they are selling will be 2 or 3 times the normal price. Your guide will be there to advise you in these situations. They will obviously not be next to you every minute of your trip but the first day or two they will show you the ropes of these and other situations. The girls you meet will also be able to help you with these things too so your guide is there to get you started. They will also be the contact person if you have any needs that the company will provide you.

12. How do I initially communicate with these women?

The best most economical way to start the communication process is to have a Yahoo Messenger account. Its free and easy to set up. When we send you contact information it will include their cell phone # and email. You will be able to send a SMS message to them at any time to start the process. Most communications will be done on the computer where you should be able to see the girl in a webcam. Its only 20 pesos an hour to go to the local internet café and they are all over here. Once we send you the info on any particular girl we also contact them and let them know you will contacting them and make sure they are set up accordingly.

13. What is realistic for how long this would take?

Personally I don’t expect anyone to be attached to the site for more than 2 months. The way we designed this service eliminates a vast majority of the time wasted with finding interested parties and weeding thru the bad apples.

When it comes to how long should you spend getting to know these women. That’s a personal choice but I recommend at least 2 months. Yes 2 months is short but I have found from experience that you really can only get to know someone over the internet so well. However as long as you find someone that is honest and true it could take even less than 2 months. You really find out if they are who they say they are when you meet them in person. For example: I spent over 8 months talking to the woman that would become my wife, almost every day. When I finally did make the plans to meet her in the flesh I still in the back of my mind knew that she could have been fooling me the whole time. Obviously my concerns were abated within minutes of seeing her and in her elation to see me. I spent 11 days in Japan with her and in all honesty I knew we would be married within the first 7. She has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

You will obviously have more options at hand and I consider myself lucky for my situation to work as well as it did. I recommend spending at least 2 weeks here when you visit. Decide in the first couple days the few girls you are most interested in and spend a couple days with each the first week. Then spend the majority of the time you have left with the one that is best for you. You can have better options if you stay a third week but we designed this service to make the decision making process as easy for you as it possibly can be. I think if all works out well you should have your significant other inside a 5 month period. It really depends on you.