About Our Service – Filipino Introductions

Hello everybody Chad here.

I want to tell you about our company and why we started this endeavor.

My wife Abby and I want to help serious men get in touch with serious women. We believe that the success of any marriage is really up to those involved but we want to help get thru all the hassles of the online dating experience by being able to verify the identity of all of the women on this site and run a background checks and both men and women. Every single one of these women will have been personally met by me or one of our staff and all pictures verified by us. There will be NO fake profiles on this site.

Most people who are on online dating sites are on more than one if not many sites and talk to many different people. I was one of those people when I started myself. I was on 3 different sites and after about 3 weeks I realized that I was really just going around in circles. The Asian site I managed to find (and was lucky enough to find my wife on) had over 50000 profiles of women on it. The first day I signed up I looked thru the gallery and was clicking on the women I was attracted to. Before I knew it I had over 300 women on my interest list. At this time I realized that it would be impossible to actually get to know all of these women so I had to find a way to narrow down the list. We eliminate this to the best of our ability. There is more on our story in other parts of the site.

We are dedicated to making your dating experience the best it can be and making the journey of meeting that special someone as short as humanly possible. Even though some may think our service is expensive we are actually saving you money. Yes the sign up fee is higher than all other sites but what we offer will,( in the long run) save you time and money. I explain this in more depth through out the site.

We offer many different services to help make this a reality for you. Check out the what we offer page for all the different ways we will help you meet your dream girl.

Although I can not guarantee you a successful relationship. I will guarantee that you will find many women that you will want to come and meet here in Iloilo City. If you are not satisfied with the service we offer and you have made the effort to contact all the women we send you information on after 3 months we will give you a full refund of your initial fee.