The Spanish influence on Philippine culture remains today.

Some of the largest pieces of evidence of the Spanish influence on Philippine culture are the Spanish Churches that still scatter the countryside today. The churches here date back to mid seventeenth century through the mid eighteenth century. There is one to be found in almost every town square. Most of the outlying towns were built around these churches as they were the center of life back when the Philippines was a Spanish colony. Here are some pictures of just some of them on Panay Island.

Here to the left and below to the left is the church in Gimbal. I couldnt find the historical marker that told what date it was built.

Above to the right is the Jaro Cathedral in Jaro. This is actually what is left of the church that was built in the early 17th centry. In the early 1940s the majority of this church was swallowed by the earth when ground liquification took it during a major earthquake. This is just the main tower and is all that is left of the entire structure.


 Here to your left is the Miag -ao Cathedral and the historical marker is below to the right