Here are some of the myths and misconceptions about the Philippines and Filipino women. All untrue 

1. Philippine women are all gold diggers and only marry foreigners to get out of the country.This is FALSE. As with any third world or poor country there will be those desperate people who will do such things however all the women we provide meetings with are college educated and have full time jobs. I have heard some of these horror stories and I’m sure most are true. This is one reason we started this business to help those men who might be susceptible to such people. All the women affiliated with the service we provide have had back ground checks and hold respectable jobs in the community.

2. Your Philippine spouse will expect you to bring the whole family to your home country. This is also FALSE. The Filipino family is very close and more often than not the parents or grandparents will live with one of the children. However when a Filipina marries an American for example. Only the immediate family such as the parents or children are eligible for the American visa. Not extended family members such as aunts or uncles. Of course one may want to help the family when you can but its never more than one would be expected to help their own family back home.

3. Foreigners are not safe here in the Philippines. This is also FALSE. As with any big city in the world there are places you don’t want to be alone in the middle of the night. There has been some stories of kidnappings in the far south of the country and they are true. I have many foreign friends here in Iloilo and none of them have ever had a problem here. It is advisable that you don’t wander in remote mountain regions alone. However I do have a friend that lived in the mountains here for almost 2 years and never had any problems. Iloilo is on Panay Island which is in the Visayas Region and most all rebel activity is down in the far southern tips of the Mindinao region of the Philippines.

4.Once married you will be expected to support her family. This for the most part is FALSE. When I started my online experience and signed on to the Asian dating site. A friend told me of a friend of theirs that married a Filipina and brought her back to the states. Before her family would consent to the marriage he had to promise that he would send $1000 a month to her family. The reason for this was that his new bride to be was the only person in the family that was educated and worked. Therefore she when she would go to live with him in the states her family would have been left destitute. Our screening process eliminates the possibility of this for our clients. Im sure any loving husband would want to help his new family but it should never be a prerequisite for a marriage.

5. Philippine women are docile and subservient. This is FALSE. Many western men are conned into believing that these women are characteristically like this because these women are very family orientated and the Philippine culture is generally non confrontational. There will obviously be exceptions but this is the reason many men are fooled into thing that Asian women in general are like this. These women are people just like everyone else and they have minds of their own. Understand this from the beginning and you will be much better off. I will say that when they love somebody they do tend to want to please their mate. My wife takes very good care of me but this is a two way street and they deserve to be treated well in return.