How to meet Filipino women


Hi all Chad here. After living here in the Philippines, meeting and marrying my own Filipino wife, having many foreign friends that have Filipino wives and doing a ton of research on the net. I feel like a sort of guru on meeting Filipino women and will tell you everything I know to help you make this adventure as pleasurable as possible. I will admit to my bias for our service but there are many other options you have

There are many ways to go about meeting Filipino women. The first being in your own country. However this seems to be one of the most difficult ways to go. The reason is that most Filipino women in other countries are not the outgoing types you may find in a bar or the other typical meeting places in the west. They usually will seek a social environment with other Filipinas and will not spend much time in those places where a western man typically meets women. I do have a couple of British friends that are married to Filipinas. When they told me the story of how they met it was through other friends that knew Filipinos and already had connections to get into the social environment of the Filipino women. Not an easy task if you don’t already know some local Filipinos.

Next would be the internet where you can find multiples of Asian dating sites on the web. This is how I found my wife Abby. This is also very difficult to say the least. You could spend literally years trying to find the one you are looking for. The reason being none of the sites out there (besides ours) cares about your success enough to find a way to eliminate all the scammers and spammers that are all over these sites. These sites can’t be equipped to do this when there is no control over who post a profile on them. I wont say it cant be done because I did it and many others have. However these sites were also the ones who produced the horror stories you hear about all over the web. Where some unsuspecting foreign man trusted his girlfriend, made the move to come here and marry her with intentions of coming back to live here in the future. The woman talked him into adding her to all his bank accounts and didn’t find out that she was fooling him until she had wiped out all of them. This is actually only one of the many different ways that trusting foreign men have been taken advantage of.

Last would be an introduction website. These sites offer a method of introduction when you actually come here on a sort of vacation. They will gather together many women and set up meetings for you to see if you are interested in any of the women and vise versa. This is actually better than the dating sites on the web for the simple fact that you are meeting these women in person and can get that feel of their personality and true look. The main problem with this method is the fact when you are on a vacation for lets say 2 weeks. Do you really think that is enough time to meet someone you would marry and be comfortable you made the right choice? It’s possible I guess but its seems to me the odds are not very good. Why? Well when you send your criteria for your desired mate and they find the women that meet 80-90 percent of your criteria. (No one ever matches 100%) How do these people who do the searching for you know which of these criteria are most important to you and which you are flexible on and to what degree of flexibility you are? These are only things that you can make the decision on the spot. You could easily waste most of the first week going thru ladies you really are not interested in. Then find a few the next week and only have a few days to truly get to know them and make a decision. the pressure alone could ruin your vacation entirely. The good news is we have created a service that combines the best of all these methods. Yes it does cost more to join and meet these quality women. However everything considered we truly believe we will save you a ton of money in the long run