HI Chad…

Hi to you thanks for the reply I never thought you will respond. Actually, I was just browsing on scammers, and with hundreds of thousands of sites accidentally I clicked on your site. You write in good English because what I notice here on the net even the Americans can’t write in their language perfectly well. I found it interesting to read the stories on your site, about the scammers here in the Philippines and in other countries and really there are lots of them. I wonder why these men sends money to these women. How can they trust these women when they just met on the net I find it ridiculous and unexplainable. Is it really love that drove these men to send money and be duped?

I have an account in facebook ….Beevee Ferraren and friendster…Beng Ferraren but am not active on both sites, I seldom log in. In facebook it was a friend that invited me and in friendster it was my nieces who put my account.

My passion is writing although am not a professional writer, I write for myself and share it to some of my friends. I’ve written this… Internet Relationship…in my eyes and I wish to share it with you..pardon some of the languages I used are not good, it comes straight from my mind and heart. If you wish I will share with you some of the things I’ve written about love, love letters and my opinions in other things for you to know me better.

One thing I don’t look my age…



My being here on the net is out curiosity and now my curiosity is being feed and really when you have a true heart, chances are you will get hurt, it sucks and it breaks the heart. Gosh…how can people do these to other people, make promises and break promises, say I love you and fuck I love you. But one thing when a person is not true…there’s a way the truth will come out.

I received every compliments here…..like angel face….beautiful….the face that rocks the world..the one I like most of the compliments is ..very intelligent…because it is what your mind is made of. But intelligence without beautiful face means nothing too..it’s better if you both have them, beauty and brains. It is alluring and enticing and men will pursue you endlessly, pledging undying love. But even then it won’t give you a true lover here. Some are very direct with what they feel…some just play time and are for games, and like any other games there are losers and winners. I wish I will always be the winner in the game. Not bad if I win because I always have a true heart and I deserve to win.

I also received many marriage proposals, and I love you’s what a way to propose to someone you haven’t meet yet. But then internet relationship can happen, if it’s meant to be it will happen, just don’t give up because you will never know what the final outcome is.

Like I said I don’t know why people here on the net are hurting people. What is it that they get from it? I keep on asking that question. When a person writes it comes always from the mind and heart for how can you write something you don’t feel, you won’t be spontaneous and your conscience will bother you, even if you say you don’t have conscience. Still…there is the heart why the heart because even the heart of the most cunning person has some goodness in it, and what the mind cannot comprehend the heart will.

When I chat with someone especially if it’s about love I study every words if he’s telling the truth and the trend in the way he chats. But still you can’t determine if he’s telling the truth….that’s why it’s always in my mind there’s no true people on the net, to avoid believing and getting hurt. Actually, I don’t usually chat it bores me to death especially when he can’t speak and write the English language it takes time to understand and chances are you won’t understand.

To maintain relationship here is hard and heart breaking whether you’re just plain pen-pal or the lover kind of thing, it just comes and it goes. If you pass the two months and you are still writing with each other chances are you will maintain it. Like the two of us we met we’re writing and we have some sort of special relationship. I like it that way, we remember, care and respect each others individuality and we have time with each other. Like when I send you mails you reply the best way you can.

I never invited anyone here in my country…why would I, if you’re meant to see each to other, time has a way of making things happen. If they want to come and see me, then come and I will entertain the best way I can. About sex…..we’ll it can be talk about, provided you use condom (just kidding). Actually, I haven’t seen anyone yet if it happens then first time to meet someone from the net.

Have I maintained a steady relationship here?, I still can’t say, it’s up to the person I’m having relationship with because with me I could say that am always true with my feelings and thoughts. Writing makes me complete and I write love letters..and what are they for…definitely for true hearts only. Strictly prohibited are fake hearts with fake feelings. .

Despite hurtful things here in the net I’m not disappointed because there are still true people, with true hearts, good people with good convictions. If you found them well it encompasses everything, it takes away all the hurt and disappointments. One way to maintain true relationship is not to talk about money it destroys the true essence of relationship whether in the net and in real and respect for each others culture and beliefs are very important.

These are always in my mind….whether am disappointed, hurt and sad in virtual and real too…love begets love, honesty begets honesty, truth begets truth and I give it all to you…because……….definitely, surely with no doubts…I will win the game Internet people play………..