This is one of the mails I’ve written to man in Europe, he commented about the corruption, government, the church, Marcos and the people of my country. I have to defend my country..I cannot let anyone disrespect my country.

Hi Andreas…

Hi to you….thank you for the information about my country with regards ..Philippines holds a very strategic position of the world, a gateway.

In my mind always, I never make comments about ones country because it represents a person’s roots, culture and heritage. And also…you can never know what’s happening inside the country, what the person feels about his country. What you read is sometimes what is only written and not the whole thing about the country.

About my country’s political situation…right now the president is about to finish her term by June. The month of May this year we will have a presidential election. Our president is a woman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo a daughter of a former late President..Diosdado Macapagal.

My parents when still living were Marcos followers, my father was a military man under his regime. My father was a good man, and had never corrupted even if he can be rich by the position he held as a military. He died an honorable man and always I’m very proud of them. They raised us my siblings and I, good people of respect, educated, personable with strength of character.

All I can say in politics..there are no permanent friends and enemies. They are your friends when you are still in power and your enemies when you are down and out. I can tell that Marcos had done also good things in our country…one was he made the rich landowners of large farm lands and gave share of their lands to the poor farmers. He made the churches paid their taxes on the land that they occupied. That’s the reason the rich landowners and the church did not like him. One of the affected ones were the Aquino Family, the president who succeeded Marcos because they owned a big lands for farming of sugarcane.

My country became divided by that Edsa revolution because there were many Marcos loyalists which composed the poor people and the other party which are the rich people. Where did I belong ….well it is for myself only.

Now…when the people did not like the President they tried to make another EDSA revolution, two succeeded in the revolution in replacing the presidents. But not our recent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she is never been bothered by revolution, she is a woman and she stayed in power to finish her term . I admire her for her courage in running the government even if others wanted her to step down, through another revolution. It only shows that a woman is good in running a government, she was once named as the No.6 strong woman in the world.

What I can say is don’t asks what your country can do for you but asks what you can do for your country. You cannot blame the government always for the country’s situation you must help also the government.

When I was young and still in school, I saw demonstrations in the streets demanding the government to stepped down….I wondered why and asked why are they doing that. Now…that I experienced the overthrew of government and the new government after that… I realised that it’s not the government that should be blamed. People who are poor always blames the government for the situation they are in as if they are in that miseries because the government did not do anything for them. Isn’t it that we should also do something for ourselves to make life worthwhile and worth living.

I once read an article from a man in my country, he was so poor, he and his family slept on the streets. He said early in the morning he would carry cart full loads of vegetables, fruits and anything to the market. In the afternoons he would attend classes. With his dream, perserverance and strength of character he was able to finished the degree of Engineering and became a full pledged engineer. Now…he has a house of his own and is driving a new car..the reason..he persevere and has a dream to make it big..and not just blame the government but did something great to help the government.

So it’s ones dreams, perseverance, courage and strength in character that makes a person a real person..

One way to perfect a dream is education…it cannot be taken away from you no matter and wherever you are, it is who are you are in the midst of the different culture of people. There are many free education here in my country and not studying because one is poor is not a reason. It is only for the lazy ones who don’t have any dream for themselves. It doesn’t mean if the person is born poor you’ll remain poor forever….do something worthwhile for yourself for you to make a better person and be a help to your country and the government.

With regards to the churches here…people here in my country are deeply religious. You can see millions of people attending mass in all the churches every Sunday and even in ordinary days. I …for one attend mass every Sunday and I have a special novena every Wednesday for the people I care, for my country, for everyone else and thanking God for all the blessings I have. We are God fearing people…which is why we are peace loving, generous, hospitable, friendly.

Churches have big lands..that begun since the Spanish people invaded us 350 years ago. Some lands owned by the churches are use for schools, seminaries, retreat houses, seminars and many things. Some used it for orphanages and charitable organizations. There’s a school here which was built in the 16th century by the Spanish and it’s one of the best Univerity here…University of Santo Tomas.

I graduated from a catholic university….Adamson University…it’s an American university and a catholic run by the Vincentian priests. It was established when the Americans first came here after the Spanish revolution in the beginning of the 19th century. All our subjects in the school are in English language. Maybe that’s the reason I speak and write the English language pretty well, thanks to the university where I finished my studies. Now…I can correspond to anyone on the net who knows the English language.

For you to know the best graduates here in my country graduated from the catholic universities and schools. If they are landowners..it is their right to own those lands..besides they owned those lands 350 years ago.


This is my country….and I love my country, this is my culture, my roots, my heritage. I won’t exchange it with any other country even if that country is the richest one in the world. This is where I belong and the only reason I will leave my country is because I will travel or I fell in love with a man in another country.

Now…I am talking about love….love from the heart…..it is the purest love…and no amount of money can buy that kind of love. I wish to find and to love that way….only then I will follow the man and leave my country to live in another country. I will follow him wherever he is because to love is to be with the person you become your spouse. It applies to all the people who fell in love and have met their love ones in another soil. It is the law of the universe to love and be with the person you love. Beyond borders, no limits, no time, no boundaries…..can separate me with the man I love….that is the meaning of love to me.

I represent the Filipino women and I demand respect from others in another country. I won’t allow anyone to disrespect my country and my fellowmen, let alone that we need men in other countries because of money.

What makes us Filipino women different from women of the western countries….We love, we are educated, we respect our men, we don’t asks we always give…we make the best out of everything..we endure…we are beautiful….and we love with our heart and soul and I am that woman….Beevee

I wish you won’t get tired reading my long mail. This is me, my heart, my mind..this is the way I think, I write and the woman that I am.

More power to you….regards…Beevee