The Filipino women. aka Filipinas

The Filipino women (or Filipina) are basically quiet, shy women, reserved and very polite especially when she meets a man for the first time. Western men usually find this quite adorable. Most are not materialistic and are satisfied with a modest life style even when she can afford more. These women are very sensitive and loyal to the man they love and their family. They take great care of themselves and make wonderful dedicated wives and mothers. They are also very modest and humble. Although the Filipino is very familiar with western and American culture, Philippine women are very different from American and western women. When you meet these women you will literally be shocked with the contrast to the women you are used to meeting. I have met very few Filipinas that actually thought they are attractive and many were very beautiful! There are no women more beautiful in all of Asia.
The loyalty of the Filipina is without question one of the best in the world. Often times the Filipino man is unfaithful to put it lightly. These women most often decide to stick with and support her man due to this loyalty. I am in no way advocating cheating but just making one example of the loyalty of the Filipino woman. This loyalty also follows thru to her family which benefits highly from this also. A Filipina will literally work herself ragged when it comes to doing what is necessary to support her husband and family. Since I come from a western background I can honestly say that my wife gets more help from me than most Filipinas that are married to a Filipino man. This is not to say the Filipino man is lazy but to the contrary in that labor wages are so low here that the man usually has to work 12-16 hours a day to bring home enough money to survive. I work at home which allows me to be here to help my wife any time she needs it.
Which leads us to the question of why Filipinas are attracted to western men. To be fair not all of them are. However there is a substantial number that show a big attraction to western men. If you have used other sites or sign up for our service you will find this out quickly.
I have found that a lot Filipinas are simply attracted to western men. Just the opposite of western culture that is attracted to the tan beauty on the beach. Quite a lot of Asian women will prefer a lighter complected man. Again the opposite of western culture the women here will spend as much as they can afford to try to maintain a lighter complexion. The whitening soaps and lotions are a multi-million dollar business here. There is also the glutathione pills and injections that the more affluent use. At first I found it kind of humorous how opposite our cultures are in this respect.
Another reason is that they want a better life. The Philippines is considered a third world country even though they have modern cities like the rest of the world. The majority of the population is poor by western standards. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a man who is financially secure. Most all women around the world have this desire in their man. There is also a big difference in the western man vs. a Filipino man or Asian men in general. It is very hard for an Asian woman to find an Asian man that strays from the Asian view of the relationship between a husband and wife. Most (not all) Asian men are unfaithful in the marriage and the wives are just expected to deal with it and support her husband no matter what. That’s not to say the western man cant be unfaithful also. The difference is a western wife definitely has options where the Asian wife does not. Lower infidelity rates have been a part of western culture for a long time now and this is very appealing to Asian women. Asian women feel like they are more of a part of something in a relationship with western men. With Asian men the woman feels more like a tool to be put away when not being used. This is changing for the Asian man but it is a long process that has really only just begun.
We do not promote any marriage or meeting for the sole purpose of any woman who is not sincere in this endeavor. For example there have been multiples of women who settle for a man that she does not love for the sole purpose of the better lifestyle. We discourage this as it usually ends in a disaster for both parties involved. On the other hand there are men who will trade the true love and compatibility for a younger and more attractive woman than he might find in his own country and this is discouraged also. Of course being attracted to your wife is important. However we stress that loving her is most important.
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