How I met My Filipino Wife

My wife Abby was living in Japan at the time we met on the internet. I was having a terrible time trying to get to know about 10 or so women at the time finding out that most of them were just trying to get me to send them money. You know something is fishy when you only talk to a girl for 15 minutes and she tells you she loves you. this happened a number of times as I was eliminating women that I initially had in my contact list of the Asian site I found Abby on. In all honesty I have to say that I wasn’t that attracted to Abby’s pic when I put her in my contact list. What changed my mind on that issue was when I asked her for more pictures. It turned out she is a very beautiful woman. The problem was she was taking her own pictures and posted the ones that just did not show her in a flattering manner. Most all other pics she had were much better.

Even tho at first the attraction was not mutual she just asked if we could be friends and I saw no harm in that. Good thing because if I passed her up on that thought I definitely would not be as happy as I am today. I can honestly say she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

As we were getting to know each other she had been looking through the site we were on and checking the profiles of other women. She knew that I was interested in attractive women so what she did was find some of the more attractive ones and as it turns out. A fair number of these profiles were using pictures of Philippine actresses. Abby would ask me if I had a certain profile in my contact list and more times than not I did. I even chatted with some of these women. As it turned out Abby would later find that some of the others in my contact list had multiples of profiles on this site and using different names. One of which was one of the women who said they loved me after 15 minutes of talking over the messenger phone.

Well as I spent more and more time with Abby I eventually narrowed it down to Abby and 1 other girl that I talked to on a regular basis then just Abby as time went on. To be honest the only reason I kept in touch with the other girl was because I already had money invested in her thinking she was the one until I figured out that she was taking advantage. (A word of advice: do not send any girl money until you have met face to face and determined she is the one for you) I learned this the hard way and felt that I didn’t want to loose that but I did and it turned out for the better.

Abby and I talked over the Yahoo messenger with the web cam for about 6 months every day. During that time I planned to take a trip to Japan to meet her in person. Even though in my heart I felt I knew Abby very well, as I am making the 14hr flight to Japan I’m thinking of what could be the worst case scenario in my head. I doubted she was lying to me the whole 6 months but still, if she was it could have been tragic. obviously she was not and I could tell the first moment I saw her as I was picking up my luggage from the carousel. She was standing out side and I saw her through the glass partition. She had been trying to get my attention since she saw me enter the luggage pick up as I was looking for her also. It was funny because when our eyes first met she did a little dance that I can only compare to a little girl getting her first pony. She was so excited she could not stand still and was sort of running in place like she wanted to just run over and tackle me LOL. I will never forget that.

I spent almost 2 weeks in Japan seeing some nice Japanese temples and realising that Abby and I would be together for the rest of our lives. I also got a awesome tattoo to remember the occasion and get compliments on it almost every day.

When i did finally leave it was one of the most heartbreaking times of my life. I knew I would be back but I hated to leave. After I left Abby made plans to return home to the Philippines so the next time I visited we could get married and meet her family. I spent about 4 months back in the states before I went to the Philippines and we were married. This trip I spent about 5 weeks with her and her   I went back to the states to tie up all the loose ends with my business. I packed up most of my tools, rented out the house and here I am. I have been living here for almost 2 years now and our first child is turning 6 months old next Sunday. We had a bouncing baby boy and named him Cody