Womens Qualifications to be on My Filipino Bride.com

1. Women accepted to this site are mostly between the ages of 22 and 55. We will accept girls over 18 as long as they meet all other requirements.

2. These women must be single, unattached and serious about meeting western men. We do accept women that are legally separated or divorced (annulled). however they go through a deeper screening process.

3. I personally or one of our staff has to be able to meet any and all women in person. We take our own picture for her file and usually will be the first picture of her posted to the site.

4. All women must have at least 3 years of a college education. This assures that she has good English speaking and understanding skills.

5. All women will have or be able to get NBI Clearance. In instances where she does not have it when she signs up we will provide the funds necessary to obtain it. This is what would be equal to an FBI background check here in the Philippines.

6. Lastly all women will be required to have a certificate of singleness. This is simply a government document that states she has never been married or has obtained an annulment or is a widow if her last husband has died. This document is required by all to get married here in the Philippines. Even foreign men have to obtain a document of this nature from their own countries embassy before they can get married in the Philippines.