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1. Here at My Filipino bride we offer an elite service that no one else can provide. Some of you may think its expensive, however we deal with local girls only and spend time getting to know them.  Here at My filipino Bride you pay a 3 month membership which gives you direct conact with me. Being the victim of a scammer myself before I found Abby the knowledge I have gained and share is the most valuable part of our service. I have been working with men who have found women on other sites and gave them the tools to make sure they are not getting scammed. To be honest most of then were getting scammed and with the knowledge I provided they found early saving them a lot of money.

We only want serious quality people associated with this site as we want to maintain an impeccable reputation. There is no other site that gives both the men and women the personal attention we do. I am always personally available to answer any questions you might have. Just send me an e-mail and you will have an answer within 1-2 days.

What would disqualify you? Any history of domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse or felony convictions that are in your public record. The same rules apply for both men and women. We do not accept anybody of low character on this site. Men or women. If any of these apply to you don’t bother with the application.

2. We guarantee the identity and availability of every woman and will make sure they have access to a computer so you and she can get to know one another for as long as you like. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the women you select you can request we find more and we will have them in a few days time.

3. We only select educated women that have a good understanding of English because we believe that good communication is key to a successful relationship. All of these women have been subject to a back ground check and have respectable jobs in the community. This also increases your chance of success because these women are happy with their lives and only want to find their true love. We do not accept women that may be looking for a foreign man out of desperation or to get out of poverty. I know its sad that we have to eliminate these women but in all the research I have done before starting this site the relationships that fail the most are those where the woman is just looking to escape poverty.

4. Once you find a the women that you want to meet in person we have full service packages that include air fare, travel to and from the airport, access to a vehicle and driver or a guide that will escort you through the beautiful city of Iloilo City and surrounding countryside or the many beach resorts. All packages will be designed by you to fit your budget. Our fee for the service of setting up your meetings, travel here in Iloilo, personal guide and 24hr assistance will depend on the services you prefer. Just send me an email with what you desire for your vacation and I will send you a quote with all the information and pricing for hotels, travel etc.

5. We also offer visa assistance for you or your special lady. One thing I know for sure is that the visa process can be daunting. We will make this process as smooth as possible for you. I have many friends that have went thru the process so we have special knowledge of what you need to be successful on the first application. This is half price when you use our tour package. Of course there are other fees and charges for the requirements of the visas such as medical checkups, passports etc. These are not included.