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The one and only Filipina Dating site I would recommend is

Anyone who has read through this site knows I have never found a site other than ours that I would recommend. Today I stand corrected.

I had a very nice conversation the other day with the one of the owners of They are Peter and his Filipina wife Jen Christopher. I found their desire to help honest men find honest women to be quite refreshing. Considering all of the other dating sites I have looked into Christian-Filipina would be a site I recommend if a man wants to expand his options and know there is a reputable person doing their best to protect their customers. Men and women alike. We here at MyFilipinoBride have actually become an affiliate of Christian-Filipina.

We all know that having a solid faith based background (Christian or other) will most often be a solid foundation for a good relationship. Most people who have God in their life have a desire to do the right thing considering the people around them and it reflects in how they they treat them. The chance for a successful relationship is considerably better than if God is absent.

To be totally honest although I am a believer. I am not a religious person. However I do know that my faith has carried me through hard times and God has been there for me more times than I can count. It has also helped me to be a better person and kept me on the straight and narrow even when I was straying from the path as we all do from time to time.  

Of course I would much rather men sign up to our site but is a good option and we can still help you and keep your costs low as you enter into the process of online dating. Keep these things in mind as you go through this adventure and we will always be here to help. Best wishes to all and thanks Peter for showing me there are good people out there trying to help others who are looking for true love.

Christian-Filipina has a free level membership so you have nothing to loose but I am confident you will be happy with what they have to offer. Just click the banner above and fill out your profile data and you will be on your way to finding a good Christian Filipina woman. Just make sure you sign up on the first visit or we may not get credit for our referral.

good luck and God bless