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Philippines Election Year

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Election Year is a dangerous time in the Philippines

When it comes to an election year here in the Philippines. Historically there is usually a lot of political killings and this year it has proven historically correct. The world was appaled at the massacre in the southern province of Magindinau but no body was surprised here. Some say its just the beginning.

The facts that revolve around the massacre are that the person arrested is the sitting mayor of the province. He has plead NOT guilty. Just as every one expexted. He is a member of a very powerful clan and has ties to the now President Arroyo. There are even rumors that she was there during the massacre. Most of the people killed were political opposition or press people opposed to this mayor. He will probably get away with this due to the fact that the political system here is so corrupt that politicians get away with this every election season and manage to hold their positions in the government even though people know they were associated with such acts. Its the way of the political system here.

This really does not have any effect on foreign visitors because we cant vote and pose no threat to the politicans. However it is an interesting spectical to see. Sad really because to anybody who knows anything about government its obvious that the rich are making every effort to keep the people down while they take advantage of their position to get richer. A lot like it is in the US with the exception of the killings and the corruption in the states is much less obvious.

This will probably be the way it is here for quite a long time. Changing it would probably take something to the effect of a revolt of the people and that is highly unlikely. Still leaving the chance of getting someone worse in the government seats. It is a real mess to put it lightly.     

My wife is actually a 2nd or 3rd cousin of one of the canidates for president this year and he is almost the most popular. However I do not think my wife will vote for him. She likes somebody else better I think. For me I think its best to just keep my distance and watch and hope they can get through this with the least amount of blood shed.

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