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NO Scammers on our site

I was amazed the other day when I found the girl who scammed me on a total of 5 other websites. Well I found her pictures and profiles that had different names than she used when she scammed me and in different cities here in the Philippines. I could tell it was her pictures though. She is a very attractive woman even if she was not the most beautiful Filipina.

I cant honestly tell you that it was the same girl because I never did see her face in a web cam. Bad move on my part and in hindsite the blame lies with me on being scammed any way. I was naieve and to trusting when I first started the Asian dating scene. I did learn fast though.

This is one of the most popular scams out there now. These girls will steal pictures from other girls or even use pictures of Filipino actresses. They have gotten smarter about using actress photos but its fairly easy to get pics of a beautiful Filipina.

When I tell you there are NO scammers here I am 95% sure there will be no scammers on our site because of the fact that they are all local girls. I will eventually visit other cities and scout other women for the site but that is the only way you will find women that are not from Iloilo on this site. I will guarantee you that if you are looking for a pretty, younger Filipino woman that you will run into many scammers on other sites before you find what you are looking for. You will waste alot of time and money even if you don’t get sucked into sending them money. Just one trip here wasted because the girl you came to visit was not what she said she was could easily cost you $3000 USD.

We designed this site to make the dating process as smooth as possible for you and these women. Something that many western men don’t understand is that the scammers have hurt the Filipino women as well. The population of Filipinas are 95% honest, sweet and loving women but these scammers have damaged the reputation of the honest women and have made it hard to repair. The truth of the matter is that the 5% of dishonest women are the ones that have gotten on the Internet and damaged the reputation of the 95%.  If you would like to you can read some of the letters from Beevee that describe this. She is one of the 95% that wanted me to put effort into telling the western world that the overwhelming population of Filipinas are honest, sweet and loving women and after living here for more than 2 years I have proven that she is right.

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